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Local, Regional & Long Distance Shipping in the U.S.


There are approximately 10 drivers that run within a 200 mile radius of Rising Sun Express LLC’s yard, located in Jackson Center, Ohio. Some of the loads the local drivers haul are local runs – for example, picking up and delivering within the 200 mile radius the same day. Local drivers also pickup and deliver loads for the “Over the Road” drivers. The company does a lot of relay loads, by either having the load ready in the yard for the road driver, or having the road driver drop the load in the yard and having a local driver deliver it. This depends on out of route miles to bring it to the yard, timing of appointment and driver availability.

Regional (Over the Road):

The majority of drivers at Rising Sun Express LLC make two or three runs a week within a 500-800 mile radius of the yard, located in Jackson Center, Ohio. These drivers average 2,800-3,000 miles a week. The majority of the loads go to the Mid-West, South and South-East. However, the truck takes the customers’ product wherever their customers need it to go.

Long Haul:

The company has one team that runs West to Idaho/Oregon each week. There are several solo drivers that like long runs and they will be assigned West loads when the freight is available. It depends on timing of when customers call in loads and driver availability.

Fast, Efficient, On-Time Deliveries

Rising Sun Express hauls driver-friendly, palletized, general commodities on dry van trailers. For example, automotive, building products, recreational, paper products, plastics and agricultural which includes finished goods and raw materials. These products are hauled to and from the West-Central Ohio area enabling our customers to provide their customers with on-time dependable deliveries.

One of the keys to success is having a diversified customer base, which allows for survival through the ups and downs of the economy.