Don’t Drive Buzzed. Plan Ahead.

Are you planning to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year? Keep the roadways safe for all drivers and plan ahead. This year alone 56.1% of Americans plan to take part in a St. Patrick’s Day celebration, with over 13 million pints of Guinness to be consumed worldwide. St Patrick’s Day is ranked 4th among the most popular drinking days in America.

Each day there’s millions of semi-trucks on the road. The average semi weighs 80,000 pounds which is 20 – 30 times more than a car and covers an average of 125,000 miles a year. Alcohol- related accidents on St. Patrick’s Day happen at an interval of 72 min, increasing a driver’s odds of being involved in an alcohol related crash drastically.  On St. Patrick’s Day 75% of car crashes involve a driver who’s consumed 2x the legal limit, killing 30 people over the St. Patrick’s Day holiday in 2015.

You can keep roadways safe by planning ahead, and make arrangements to have a designated driver or use Lyft or Uber. Use this link to redeem a $15 Lyft credit for free

Keep our roadways safe and don’t drive buzzed this St. Patrick’s Day.

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