Windy Season

According to the National Weather Service many states have been experiencing extremely high winds creating very dangerous driving conditions. Michigan saw gusts up to 68 mph, while New York saw them as high as 81 mph, Wyoming has reported wind gust of 20 to 45 mph according to KCWY News 13 Weather in Casper Wyoming.

Here’s some advice, provided by the Nevada Department of Transportation, on how to drive in high winds:

• Plan ahead. Leave extra time, as your drive may take longer because of the need to drive more slowly in high winds.
• Always wear a seat belt.
• Slow your speed to a safe driving speed and turn on headlights if needed to account for potentially lower visibility created by blowing dust, sand, snow or rain.
• Keep your hands firmly on the wheel.
• Make steering corrections when driving from wind-protected areas to unprotected areas. The wind may suddenly move your vehicle when traveling from a protected to unprotected area.
• Be aware of and maintain safe distances from other vehicles near you, particularly RVs, campers, trucks, buses, or trailers being towed.
• Take extra care in a high-profile vehicle such as trucks, vans, SUVs, or when towing a trailer, since these are more prone to being pushed or flipped by high winds.
• Watch for objects that could potentially blow into the roadway. Tree limbs may break and/or other debris may come loose during strong winds.
• Listen to the radio for changes in weather conditions that could create more dangerous driving.
• If winds are severe enough to prevent safe driving, pull over into a safe parking area (the shoulder of a busy roadway is not safe) and stop, making sure you are away from trees, power lines or other tall objects that could fall onto your vehicle.

Please be careful during this windy time of year, tornado season is not far away.

We can’t control the dangers that lurk out their but we can do everything in our power to be safe and avoid as many of them as possible.

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