Stay Humble

You know how sometimes our week seems to never end? There’s always something going wrong.

We as truck drivers meet a lot of people; some good, some not so good. Like they say you take the good with the bad. Then, you meet someone that really humbles you.
I stopped at the Pilot in Rising Fawn, GA. It’s the last exit on I-59 South in Georgia. I went in and took my shower, as I was walking in I saw a barbecue place, so after taking my shower I went to eat.

Walking in this place you realize this is not a restaurant. This man invited me in, and served me a large barbecue dinner. It consisted of corn on the cob, potato salad, baked beans, sausage & cabbage, barbecue pulled pork, 2 pieces of bread and a bottle of water.

After enjoying this meal, the man told me his story. Eight years ago he got out of a truck and bought this restaurant; six months ago he had a major stroke and had to close it. He still cooks everyday. He gets up at 0400 to start cooking. He doesn’t charge for his meals, just donations. He says to keep the lights on.

He makes these beautiful lamps and sells them to offset his costs. I was very honored & humbled to be in his place.

He proceeded to tell me that his friend lived in a shack on Pilot property; He lived there, worked there, ate there, showered there and laundered there. His friend became very sick. The doctor told him he couldn’t work or live like that anymore. So, of course, Pilot thru him off the property.

This man, at the used to be restaurant, petitioned off a section in his place so this friend could have a place to live. “Wow” what a good friend. He said his friend has no one and no family.
He is not well his self. I asked him why he did this. He said he remembers being out here and having nothing. He said, “I am blessed everyday. I will be more blessed when my father in Heaven calls me home.”

I feel I was very blessed and humbled to have met this man. So I’m gonna’ try to remember when I have one of those weeks, that it’s not that bad.
…and to think he was just a truck driver.

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