Forklift Safety

Each year multiple forklift drivers are injured and even killed while unloading semi trailer’s products.

When a forklift driver is preparing to unload your trailer make sure you have your chocks under your wheels. Make appropriate contact with the forklift driver to let him/her know you have taken the appropriate safety steps to prepare for unloading and that they can begin.

After the forklift driver has completed unloading your trailer open your windows and pull forward until you hear the dock plate drop and then briefly pause to listen for any other loud noises or cautionary signals as you pull away. Even if you don’t hear any noises, be aware of your surroundings and ease away from the dock, until you are certain the forklift driver isn’t in your trailer.

If you have to leave your trailer to have your bills signed check your trailer upon returning to make sure your trailer is cleared out and a forklift driver is not unloading products.

It’s always a good idea to slowly pull away from the dock after being unloaded and listening for any unusual sounds. It’s also a good idea to fold the dock plate down by hand before you leave the dock and even close their overhead door. Safety is our first priority, you can never be too cautious.


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